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Hsing-I is aggressive technique derived from military training. The technique of Hsing-I (Xing I) emphasizes attack and moving directly into the opponent. Sticking is used, but aggressively to attack and defeat the opponent. It is a primarily one-on-one technique. I like to think of it as a “break their arm off and beat them to death with it” methodology. Hsing-I (Xing I) curriculum includes the “Five Elements” and the “Twelve Animals”. As such Hsing-I (Xing I) involves striking and kicking, a few simple throws and takedowns, a few simple joint breaks. The Five Elements are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth and embody the basic striking methods. The Twelve Animals: Dragon; Tiger; Ape; Horse; Chicken; Water Lizard; Sparrow Hawk; Swallow; Snake; Tai Bird; and Eagle and Bear embody variations and techniques that blend in throwing and breaking Chin Na techniques.