Classes Offered
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Wing ChunCurriculum includes the three forms (Sil Lum Dao, Chum Kiu, Bil Jee) Sticking Arms and Legs (Chi Sau, Chi Gert), Wooden Dummy (Jong) Techniques, Long pole, and Butterfly Knives.

Hsing-ICurriculum includes the “Five Elements” ,the “Twelve Animals”, and the Kumate Katas.

EscrimaThe curriculum includes training in stick (baton) and knife, the staff and flexible weapons like the Manriki-gusari.

Ba Gua ZhangCurriculum includes the Linking Palm form and the Swimming Body form, the Ba Gua Staff, single Jian (double edged sword), double Jian, and Deer Horn Knives.

Tai Ji ChuenCurriculum includes the Yang Style Long Tai Ji Chuen Form and applications of the techniques. Push Hands-fixed and moving step, and Da Liu. Double-edged (Jian) and single-edged (Dao) sword.