Ba Gua
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Ba Gua Zhang can be used against a single opponent. However the circling methodology of Dragon Style Ba Gua Zhang is primarily a multiple opponent strategy that includes striking on the fly and capturing an opponent for use as a shield or projectile. As such its emphasis is on throws and captures of opponents. Ba Gua Zhang curriculum includes the Linking Palm form and the Swimming Body form, the Ba Gua Staff, single Jian (double edged sword), double Jian, and Deer Horn Knives (Mandarin Duck Axes). When used against a single opponent it involves striking and breaking of arms or necks. In Multiple opponent strategy the key words are evade, encircle, entrap.  Ba Gua Zhang is an evasive style that emphasizes staying moving and adjusting to changing circumstances as a general strategy. As such there are a lot of anti-grapple moves that take advantage of the opponent's grip.  The throws and sweeps are intended to be quick and lively in order to exchange places with the opponent and to throw them with the intent of using them against the other opponents. The strikes are on the fly to shock the opponent and render them suseptable to the other tactics. The Chin Na captures are also used to control the opponent and use them as a shield. Chokes and neck breaks are used to incapacitate an opponent. The Dragon Style Ba Gua Zhang lineage comes from Cheng Ting-Hua who was well known as a wrestler and Shuai Jiao practitioner. I can trace what I learned to Wang Shu Jin who taught in Taiwan and Japan (and also practiced Tai Ji Chuen and Hsing-I).